Help Twyla Stay in her Home


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The universe definitely gives you what you need.  We are thrilled! It looks like we are moving forward with the renovation with the help of a special “team” of angels.  More to come! Keep checking back!


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This is Heather speaking, one part of the duo that has helped organize the Twyla Project.

Over the past months and particularly through this past Christmas season I have felt so fortunate and grateful to be part of this.  One night in bed just before Christmas while thinking about this,  I realized that I wanted to write it as a blog entry.  I wish now of course that I had gotten out of bed and done just that,  while the words and thoughts flowed easily.  Instead,  the busyness of the season and the requisite cold/flu got in the way.  So, here I am in the middle of January finally getting to it, but knowing how much I would regret not doing it.

This was an especially wonderful Christmas.  I didn’t have my usual feelings of martyrdom at the work involved,  as my children and their partners fully participated to make it happen.  It was also my first grandchild’s first Christmas.    But, there was something more.   We all felt it, and said how this one was the ‘best’.

I think that we have all been influenced by Twyla’s story and the outpouring of help, from not only friends and family but the genuine kindness of strangers.  What a treat to be able to go to the gmail account for the Project and see a donation, an offer of help and wonderful messages for Twyla to, “hang in there and don’t give up hope.  It will get better.  Be patient.  Little by little we will build this basement apartment”.  There was one on Christmas Eve near midnight.

They are still coming in.  Not many.  People who have just got around to it or have just seen her story.   It’s been amazing to be part of this and see tangible proof of people caring for one another.

There is no doubt that this has been a labour of love,  and I have certainly appreciated people’s kind words of support to me for helping to organize this,  but when this is over and we have ALL built a basement apartment for Twyla,  it will be me who is grateful for having had this opportunity  to have witnessed firsthand  how generous and kind we can be to each other.


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“This is just a small donation, but little by little–brick by brick–we will all make this work. Twyla, my heartfelt wishes to you this Christmas season and in the year ahead–stay strong and do not lose heart. Your friends and neighbours are an awesome support team–thank you all!”

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