Help Twyla Stay in her Home


About the Campaign Organizers


The purpose of this campaign for our friend Twyla is to raise funds to build a basement apartment in her house which in turn will provide her with a stable source of income, separate from her work. Twyla has been  struggling for the past year to cope with a  number of crushing events/crises which have been piling up  –  emotionally, financially, on the home front and the work front.

Both Heather Healey and Janice Dunk are long-time friends of Twyla and her family.  They live and play in Toronto.


The two women came together to help their friend who was struggling under the burden of the many events/crises which have occurred over a very short span of time.

They are supported by their spouses, their book group women (of which Twyla is a long-time member) …

Book Group 2010

Book Group 2012

… and a broader community of Twyla’s friends from the Beach area of Toronto, especially friends and parents, and alumni of Beaches Alternative School.

Beaches Alternative School 1986


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