Help Twyla Stay in her Home



If you have a good deed budget for the holiday…This is the one project you want to support! (K. Clarke, Calgary, Alta)

Help Twyla Stay in her Home

Twyla has been struggling for the past year to cope with a number of crushing events/crises which have been piling up on her – emotionally, financially, on the home front and work front.  A group of friends have rallied around her to support her efforts.

This campaign for our friend Twyla aims to raise funds to build a basement apartment in her house which in turn will provide her with a stable source of income separate from her work.

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Author: twylaproject

Raising money to help a friend stay in her home.

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  1. I’m a 54 year old artist. I live at the poverty line too so I’m unable to donate $ but I am a very good house painter (I have references). I’d like to volunteer my services for this project.
    I also have friends who may be able to donate labour for the build.
    Please keep me informed.
    Cheers! Sherrill

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