Help Twyla Stay in her Home


We’re getting organized!


In June eleven people met, brainstormed and left the meeting with specific tasks. 

As of today the result……

  • City bylaw information approving a basement apartment
  • Beautiful architectural drawings for a basement apartment
  • A budget
  • Setting up a bank trust account
  • Development of a Trust Fund for this project – being drawn up by a lawyer.
  • This blog –and other social media – e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc.

 Step by step…we’re getting there!

You can contact us at

Author: twylaproject

Raising money to help a friend stay in her home.

2 thoughts on “We’re getting organized!

  1. I first met this (absolutely wonderful!) woman in the early 1990s when she was an active parent volunteer at my son’s primary school. Over the past few years she has suffered, and somehow survived with grace, more than many of us do in a lifetime. It is my hope that all who knew her, or who value her longtime contributions to the community, will come forward & offer practical, logistical &/or financial support — no matter how small — in her time of need.

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